Services Provided:
Social Activities (singing, games, bible study, etc.)
- Crafts
- Exercise
- Field trips
- Recreation and educational activities
- Two (2) delicious, nutritious meals plus a snack
- Transportation to and from the center within   
   limited miles, at no additional fee (donations   
- Health monitoring by our nurse, under your  
  doctor's direction & instruction, including 
  monitoring of vitals, glucose, weight and  
  medication distribution
The Benefits of Adult Day Care:  
1. Allows your family the opportunity to socialize, 
    enjoy peers, and receive health services in a  
    stimulating and supportive environment that 
    promotes better  physical and mental health.
2. Allow a piece of mind to family/ caregiver who 
    works outside the home when their love one 
    cannot be left alone during the day, avoiding the 
    need for 24 hour institutionalized nursing care.
3. Supports the family/ caregiver who do not work 
    outside the home, but need a break from 
    caregiving to run errands, socialization or simply 
    to rest.
4. Monitoring of participant's health and 
    communicating with their physician helps in 
    maintaining optimum health.
Because We Genuinely Care
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